Nakanupseong Folk Village

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Nakanupseong folk village
is preserved in the harmony
of Mt. Jogyesan ; the original
Joseon Dynasty stone walls
are still in good condition, the Dongheon (office of magistrate),
Gaeksa (guest houses), Monu-
ment of Admiral Im Gyong-up
who was then magistrate of
Nakangun, called up civilian
troops and replaced the mud
walls with stone walls to defend
the Village during the Japanese invasion of 1397, stands proudly
for all to see.
108 households live now with the same way of people of Joseon times lived.

So The Village gives visitors an excellent idea as to what our ancestors' lives were like. You can also have great opportunities to enjoy activities such as having a swing, making a rope with straws and making rice cakes.