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Sunmudo Overview 

What is? | History 

1. What is Sunmudo

posteralp.jpgThere are two types of Buddhist teachings, exoteric and esoteric. Sunmudo(Zen Martial arts), a training methodic in the form of esoteric Buddhism, has been secretly handed-down through the centuries.
The training materializes an eight-fold path developed within four noble truths into a series of body movements.
Sunmudo is a way to attain enlightenment through harmonizing the body, mind, and breath.
By purifying and harmonizing the three parts of karama-body, speech and thought, this training enables one to accomplish samadhi and ultimately nirvana. This training method consists of calming yoga, chakra breathing, health exercise, dynamic martial art and weapon techniques.
One can attain a peaceful mind and body through the harmonization of "dynamic but calm" movement and reach the state of emancipation. Gumgang Banyawon offers an opportunity for teens and adults to train and develop a healthy physical education program and ultimately improves a social sport culture.
This training should enhance a Buddhist's faith and the energy obtained through this training will offer a wholesome motive to purify society.

Sunmudo is a great way to unwind from a stressful.  It is a training method in the form of esoteric Buddhism. this form has been secretly handed down through the centuries.  Sunmudo is a way to attain enlightenment through harmonizing the mind, body and breath.  The basic training consists of yoga stretches, chakra breathing health exercises, dynamic martial art and weapon techniques.  It is both vigorous and calming.










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2. History of Sunmudo 

posteralp-2.jpgThe Formal name of Sunmudo is Buddhism Gum Gang Young Gwan. It is a training method to extinguish worldly pains and attain enlightenment.
The characteristic of this training is the harmonization of the mind and body united with breathing. The trainers are adopt Zen as a way of life.
Sunmudo is the Sun (Zen) martial art handed down from generation to generation by Buddhist families from the time when Buddha was alive  2,544 years ago. Sunmudo came to Korea during the early years of the Shilla Kingdom (57 B.C.-A.D.936) And influenced Hwarangdo. Hwarang which means the flower of youth referred to the units of elite warriors,drawn from ruling class families. The Zen martial art was then handed on to monk soldiers during the Goryo Kingdom (918-1392). Until the Gabo Kyongjang or Reform of 1894 during the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910).
Buddhist monks were encouraged to practice the Zen martial art. However, it was neglected as the modernization of the country began to proceed in late 19th century. The Most Venerable Yang Ik Sunim, a monk at Bomosa temple revived the art by systematizing it. Then,the Venerable Jeok Un Sunim, a monk at Golgulsa temple worked to popularize it in the 1970s. The name, Sunmudo was given to the Zen martial art by Jeok Un Sunim in 1984.
'Sun', is the way to attain an intuitive illumination of mind and spirit through meditation. 'Mu' means "martial" and 'Do' means"way".
Those who practice Sunmudo say one can attain a higher state of mind through both movement of body and spiritual calm. Non-Buddhists tend to think of Sunmudo purely as a martial art,but it is in fact a way to practice Zen. Along with other martial arts such Taekkyon and Gyongdang. Sunmudo is a traditional martial art of Korea that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the National Tourism Corporation are recommending to foreigners.
Sunmudo is being taught not only in Seoul, Busan, Daegu and other big cities in Korea. Olso in Los Angeles and Florida as well Toronto in Canada, France-Toluse, Salzburg in Austria.